Greater West Oztag is the governing Association for competitions played in:


Liverpool, Australis Park - Wattle Grove & Campbelltown, Victoria Park - Minto


Australian Oztag is opening a contest for our players to come up with a name and image / logo to name our Australian teams.


The top 10 nominations (as voted on by Australian Oztag’s executive committee) will be sent to all Associations to vote on.


The top 3 results will be published and our Oztag players will have the final vote on determining our future name.


WHAT: The name should represent the culture of Oztag in Australia and reflect the international success our teams have had over the past 15 years. The majority of sporting codes have a national sporting name i.e. wallabies, socceroos etc


WHY: The Australian teams need a name for the 2015 World Cup and future representative tournaments.


WHO: The contest is open to anyone with an imagination and a little creativity, while keeping the credibility and integrity of our game.


WHEN: Contest runs 1st November 2014 –1st December 2014. Nominations will be accepted during this time


WHERE: Send your team name and image / logo to please include your name, age and contact mobile number in the email.


The chosen nomination will receive an Australian Jersey with the new name and image / logo and their surname printed on it.






AOSA’s individual registration membership has gone online.

All Oztag players are now required to manage their individual AOSA membership each season online. There is no fee associated with AOSA membership. At the beginning of the competition every player needs to login & activate their AOSA membership regardless of whether they have played Oztag before or if they are new to our sport. Players will not be considered a “registered” player until their individual membership to AOSA has been activated. Failure to activate will affect a players representative eligibility & insurance cover.


Activation is easy & takes less than a minute. Please visit and follow the steps to activate today.


If players are having trouble activating they should send an email to and include their full name, date of birth and postcode so we can assist them


Please click on the “Activation” icon below to get started.





AOSA membership activation process - Information flyer


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Head Office Details

Regional Manager

Prue Bagnall

Po Box 703

Cronulla, NSW


Ph: 9522-2255

Fax: 9522-3599





For further details regarding each competition please visit their page.

Oztag is a non-tackle recreational sport suitable for all ages and skill levels.

For more information about Oztag please visit our "What is Oztag" & "Basic Rules" pages.


Contact us:

Prue Bagnall

Regional Manager

Greater West Oztag Association

P: 9522 2255

F: 9522 3599