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***2016 Australian team selections - Important information***


Hi Everyone
Due to the World Cup being played in early December this year, just 3 weeks after our Championships, the executive committee have decided to retain the selected Australian 2015 teams for 2016.
As you are aware the Australian teams are selected each year from the Championships.  So the 2014 Championships provided the 2015 teams for the World Cup.  Because the World Cup is only 3 weeks after the Aussie Championships many of the current Australian players have decided not to play in the 2015 Championships.  They have invested plenty of time and money into the W.C. campaign and do not want to risk injury by playing at the championships.
The executive committee have agreed this is a valid point and do not believe it would be fair on the current teams to not allow them the opportunity of playing for Australia in 2016.  Especially when they have just come off the back of representing Australia at a World Cup.
Therefore the current 2015 Australian teams will carry over to 2016.  The 2017 team will be selected at the 2016 Championships.
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